Monday, September 17, 2012

Where to Begin?

This blog has been in my heart for longer than I can remember or care to admit. A blog that would be a place for me to share my heart, to bring laughter, to bring tears, to bring light. But where does one begin when writing that "very first blog post"? My days of Xanga and other short-lived personal blogs are behind me.

In February I sat across a table from Josh Griffin, and we talked blogging. His advice? Find your passion, and then WRITE! Figure out who you want to talk to, and what you want to say. And if you don't know what to stay, still sit down and write! It will come.

My passion is youth ministry. But not just youth's equipping others to do youth ministry. And as a young, single, female who struggles every day in a field that is largely dominated by men wearing plaid shirts, hot wives at their sides, I want to support others in the same boat as myself. Where my single ladies at?!?

It's hard coming home on a Wednesday night to your one-bedroom apartment with no one but Jesus and your teddy bear to recap how your youth service went. It's hard when no one tells you to stop and you keep going and going until you break. It's hard when you return home from a mission trip and all your students are greeted by waiting friends and family, and you wish your family didn't live 1200 miles away. It's hard when classmates are getting married and having babies, and "your kids'' are all 13-18 year olds who really belong to someone else. It's hard when that family at church just won't give you any credibility because you're a female, you're too young, you haven't raised kids...or all three. It's hard when you have all these hopes and dreams for your life, what you'd like to do and where you'd like to live, but you realize youth ministry never gets your closer to achieving a single one. And it's hard when that student loan bill comes, and you get practice your most fervent prayer of the month, because working in the church world just doesn't financially cut it.

It's hard's beautiful. It's beautiful when after a night a night of chaos, you can come home to peace. It's beautiful when God gives you so much strength and energy that you know it can only come from Him. It's beautiful when even though you're 1200 miles away from where you grew up, you still feel at home. It's beautiful when you realize that though you didn't birth them, they ARE your kids...and you don't have to do the parental tough stuff. It's beautiful when you get to grow with your students, and they have a prime example of what it's like to be real. It's beautiful when you realize God's plans are bigger that yours, and He has you right where you need to be. And it's beautiful how God provides by ways of cleaning jobs, babysitting gigs, and unexpected checks from grandparents.

It's hard, it's beautiful, it's the life of a single young woman. It's the life of "that youth pastor girl." It's the life And so many others! Join me on the journey :)


  1. I like this a LOT. Especially the stuff about coming home to just Jesus and a teddy bear. And about friends getting married and having babies. That is my life right now.
    Please don't forget to do this blog. I will read it, even if you don't read mine. ;)

    1. You are my favorite! I know one of the reasons I was so hesitant to begin blogging again is the constant thought of "who is ever even going to read this?!?" And then the idea of no one reading leads to "why bother writing??" even though I know I should do it for myself. So just for you...I will do my best to write and write often! And I'm definitely adding you to the list I read :)

  2. Keep writing from your passion Sarah!!! We want and need your voice.

  3. Sarah, your voice is so important. You are such a blessing and example to those you lead. While MI misses you, God has you right where you're supposed to be. Looking forward to following along!