Wednesday, October 3, 2012

three years...and counting.

A lot can happen in a day...a lot can happen in a week...and a lot can happen in three years.

Rewind. I was dating the "man of my dreams." We'd made it through a long-distance summer and now I was back in Lakeland. I was finishing up my last semester of classes, with only my internship left. I had a solid group of friends, providing the community I'd been longing for. I thought the pieces of life's puzzle were finally all fitting together.

But then in a day, the world came crashing down. He dumped me. I didn't know what to do, what to say, what to think. I only knew that it was over, and I was devastated. The plans I had for my future, the colors I'd dreamed about for our some-day wedding, the visions of life and joy and happiness crumbled in one night with pizza, Marley and Me, and a tearful, long conversation. A lot happened in a day.

But then in a week, there was a phone call. A job offer. A DREAM job offer. Oh, it was just tentative for the next couple months, and unpaid, but if it went well, it would result in a part-time job. And if that went well, upon graduation, a full-time job would be placed in my lap. Feelings of the physical and emotional turmoil of the week subsided as I grasped the reality of the turn my life could be taking. A lot happened in a week.

A day...a week...but the first sentence of this post also said three years. Because that's how long it's been. This month unbelievably marks three years since the break up and the job offer. And A LOT can happen in three years. A lot of GOOD can happen in three years.

I can't believe I've been on staff at Legacy for three years, with the privilege of serving as student minister. I can't believe the middle schoolers I started with even before that are graduating high school this year. And I can't believe all the blessings that have come along the way

Every time my bank account has loomed toward zero, God supplies. Every time I think my stress level can't get any higher, God provides. Every time...shoot, why even bother with all the examples? Let's just say God has been SO good.

It's amazing what happens when you let go of your dreams and grab a hold of God's dreams for you. In the last three years I've definitely had a lot of job opportunities and offers come my way. If I'm being completely honest, I've tried to pursue a few of them. But in the end, for whatever reason, God hasn't released me from here. At three years, I've made it past the average youth minister stay time. And I love it! I love the consistency that has been able to provide for my kids.

I'm leaving to head to Catalyst in about two minutes, so somehow I need to wrap this up when I really haven't gotten a main thought out there. I guess what I'm trying to say is this: if you're in a season of life where things are tough and you don't see the end, hang in there. They day will come when you look back and think "wow, three years ago..." And if you're in a season where life is full of joy and happiness abounds, enjoy it! Realize that every day is a gift from God and remember these days when the hard ones come.

Three many struggles, so infinitely more joys. God is good.

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