Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let the kid out.

It's been a rough couple days. The kind of week that makes me SO thankful I'm going on vacation this weekend. And tonight looked like it was going to follow suit. Low attendance, students not paying know, typical Wednesday night.

We did some creative prayer/worship stations tonight, all centered around the concept of peace. And my night began to shift as I stopped letting external things infect my thoughts, and started intentionally filling my mind with knowledge of that peace that passes understanding.

Then the night ended, or so I thought. But my lesson wasn't over. You know those lyrics "there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning"? I found that joy follows peace. What happened next was beautiful like unicorns prancing through a field of wildflowers. At least in my mind, that what I looked like as I showed off my best dance moves in the impromptu dance party that broke out.

And ok, let's be honest, me dancing is probably uglier than crocs, but none-the-less, it provided everyone with a great dose of the best medicine - laughter. I recall Andy Mineo, line dancing, square dancing, break dancing, irish jigging, something involving a pole, interpretive ribbon dancing, the Judy, the Katie, the Michael, a couple wigs, a gray jumpsuit, a cape, a creepy mustache, and some neon crop tops. Sounds magical, I know.

But what struck me at the end of it was just what 45 minutes of silly dancing could do for my soul. For that period of time, I didn't care what anyone thought of me. I didn't care that my shirt was riding up and my pants were falling down. I didn't care that I didn't know the lyrics and definitely don't know how to dance. I felt like a kid...innocent, carefree, in it to make everyone laugh and have a good time.

And it was amazing! When was the last time you did something just completely uninhibited, for no reason other than sheer laughter and enjoyment? I think back to Julia's wedding this month, where Taylor and I held hands and skipped through the golf course under the stars. Why? No reason. Other than we did it at the last wedding we went to and will probably do it at the next. It's fun. Why not?

It's like when Beth and I had dinner at the Pate's house, and checked out the backyard. They have REAL grass, like thin, soft, northern grass, not the scratchy kind we're so accustomed to in Florida. We threw ourselves down in it and rolled around, just because. Because it was lovely and lush and felt like home.

At SEU a couple weeks ago I drank water from a sprinkler.
Last week I drew sidewalk chalk pictures all over my driveway.
Last night I had ice cream for dinner.
I played baseball in the backyard.
I drank a kiddie cocktail at the last wedding I went to.
I ran down the sand dunes at Carter Road.
I make up songs with Lou when we clean on Friday mornings.

This weekend I fully intend to jump on hotel beds with my little sister.
And I definitely plan on having more dance parties.

The kid in you needs to come out. In the grown-up world of bills and mortgages and jobs and car insurance, it's so easy to get tied up things that just weigh us down. It's important, but it's not all that's important!

So tonight, tomorrow...invest in some bubbles. Buy Andy Mineo's new album, scour the garage for sidewalk chalk, or borrow my wig collection. Build a fort out of blankets or round up some friends and play kickball. Let's let the kid out and experience some joy together :)

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